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Seven Cyles offers top-notch titanium, carbon and steel bicycles.  Test ride at Ride Away Bicycles!

Click to enlarge!Since its inception in 1997, Seven Cycles has become the largest exclusively custom bicycle company in the world. Offering road, mountain, cyclocross and tandem bicycles in steel, titanium and carbon, Seven utilizes advanced materials, an industry-leading custom program and an impressive manufacturing philosophy to deliver frames that are matched perfectly to their riders for an exhilarating ride every day.

Seven combines the latest materials with cutting-edge techniques to deliver some of the most advanced frames available. Seven's titanium butting technology allows incredible wall-thickness precision with deviations less than one-one thousandth of an inch. And, Seven's groundbreaking, fully custom, lugless carbon frame offers superior aerodynamics, lighter weight and a better ride quality than traditional custom carbon frames.

Seven maximizes tube shapes and wall thicknesses for the ultimate ride!

Seven's Custom Kit program leads the way in custom bicycle production too. The process begins with a detailed questionnaire that provides crucial information about you, including body measurements, current bike measurements, current bike likes and dislikes and riding style. Then, Seven interviews you and us to gather even more information about you and your riding aspirations.

Using this information, Seven determines the optimum frame size, geometry, tube diameters and wall thicknesses. This allows Seven to build a bicycle that delivers incredible comfort, optimum handling and a premium ride quality to provide you with the best cycling experience possible.Seven's bicycles are built to the highest standards!

And Seven's manufacturing standards set the bar for the industry. Seven's framebuilders only work on one bike at a time, ensuring total accuracy and attention to detail. Plus, each frame undergoes at least 50 alignment checks throughout the building process to guarantee that the finished product exactly matches the initial design. Finally, each frame is shipped with a quality assurance card signed by the machinist, fabricator, welder, brazer, finisher and painter who created it!

Seven Cycles' commitment to top-notch materials, customization and manufacturing allows making any cyclists' riding dreams a reality. Not just a frame, these bicycles become treasured heirlooms that you'll enjoy for many, many years to come.

Swing by to check out our excellent selection of Seven Cycles bicycles soon!


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