Felt 2008/2010 Triathlon Bicycle Recall

This recall includes all 2008 Felt S22 and S32 triathlon bicycles, and 2010 S32, B12, B14 and B16 triathlon bicycles. The bicycles have aluminum frames with carbon forks with aluminum steerers (the steerer is the part hidden inside the bicycle frame).

The Felt logo is on the seat, frame and tires. The model number is printed on the frame, next to the Felt logo. Please refer to the photos below (click to enlarge), which show the details and paint colors to determine if you own a recalled bicycle.

Hazard: The fork steerer can break and cause the rider to lose control, posing a risk of injury.

Remedy: Owners of recalled bicycles should stop riding them immediately and contact us to arrange for a free inspection and fork replacement.

For more information, call Felt Bicycles at 866-433-5887 or 866-4-FELT-US, or click on Notices at www.feltracing.com.

2008 Felt S22 2008 Felt S32
2008 S22 2008 S32
2010 Felt S32 2010 Felt B14
2010 S32
2010 B14
2010 Felt B16 2010 Felt B12
2010 B16 2010 B12